Surprise Your Mom with Best Flowers on Mother’s Day!

Surprise Your Mom with Best Flowers on Mother’s Day!

Sending your mom her favorite flowers on Mother’s day is a thoughtful way of appreciating her. Floral gifts, blooming flower arrangements, and beautiful carnations are pleasant ways of saying thanks to your doting mother.

This Mother’s day – May 12, make your mum feel delighted when she wakes up to a home filled with bouquets of flowers, beautiful floral designs, and their sweet aromas.So, here’s our pick for the best flowers to celebrate Mother’s day with your loving mom.


                                                                A Bunch of Red Roses

It’s no surprise that most mothers admire roses and are their favorites. Red roses signify love and appreciation, and evoke the same emotions. A classic spread of yellow roses can intoxicate your mother with its fragrance.

Pink rose arrangements are a beautiful way of expressing gratitude. Meanwhile, white roses could indicate your mother of a new start in her life.



A bold arrangement of flowers in the form of Gerberas represents happiness. Your mom would surely love to walk around red and orange Gerberas placed around your house, especially in your hallways.

You can also accompany your bouquet of flowers with a Gerbera made from red daisies.



White lilies are not always associated with funerals and wedding anniversaries. They can depict your mother’s humility and her devotion towards the family.

A great way to use lilies on Mother’s days is filling them up in her wardrobe compartments, book shelves, and any open spaces.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly)

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly)
                                                       Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly)

Cover your mother’s working table with Alstroemeria decorations. These flowers can also take the spot of beautiful centerpieces on your dining table and living room area. Alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies can brighten up a place when used as fresh-cut flowers in floral arrangements.



Orchids are top-selling flowers on Mother’s day. They symbolize an everlasting bloom. Indoors, you can feel the essence of orchids for more than two months.

There are more than 100 species of orchids found in India. Most of them are many-petaled and daffodil-like. Your mom would be pleased to notice their aesthetics and elegance. If she really likes them, she can surely keep them for the next couple of weeks.



Yellow tulips are a staple favorite among mothers across India, especially in North India. If you send yellow tulips to your mom, she would feel more cheerful than before.

Tulip showers can really surprise your mother, so let your Dad join you in making her feel more special.


Hydrangeas bloom
                                                                  Hydrangeas bloom

Freshly-cut from flowering plants native to the valleys of the Himalayas, hydrangeas are a diverse species of blooming flowers. A bouquet of hydrangea reflects the giver’s gratefulness, which is exactly how you want to express regards to your mother.Abundance of petals and their rounded shape represents that a mother always has ample happiness to satisfy her children. It also feels complete when you hold a hydrangea between the palms of both hands.

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