Flowers for Girlfriends, Wives, and Women

Flowers for Girlfriends, Wives, and Women

As you all are aware that women’s day is nearing and you may wish to send beautiful flowers to all your women acquaintances to show your love or express your gratitude or as a conventional well-wisher. It is always nice to buy flowers and that too buying it for a special person on a special occasion always gives you the sense of exorbitant pleasure. Women are the embodiment of true love, care, beauty, and wisdom. Women themselves resemble flowers in many aspects especially for their soft corner,gentleness and inner charm. It is always a great chance to impress or thank any woman by gifting them with the one and only memento of fragrant flowers in this International Women’s day to celebrate the power of women in our society. The Dewdrops florals is the marvelous shop to buy bouquets and attractive flowers that also provides online flower delivery in Gurgaon.

So you men are really ambiguous that what flowers to be chosen to gift for your mom, your sisters, your wives, and girlfriends or for your friends?

A beautiful collection of flowers are token of love can speak millions of words that portray your feelings. Each flower has got different meaning tied to it and so, it is better to have prior knowledge of the types of flowers that matches with different women before you gift her.

Red roses represent concupiscence feel and are romantic. These are the perfect flowers to mesmerize your love of life and impress them to be your side. They are quite sexy and alluring, classic and elegant. If you want your relationship to be long-lasting you can opt to give these stunning bouquets.

Sunny sunflowers for your beloved mom

Mom, the only creature in this universe who sacrifices everything for the goodness of our wellbeing that cannot be expressed through words. It is our foremost duty to pay our tribute to her selfless humanism by sending her precious sunflower bouquets that match her multiple traits in her personality of being hopeful, multi-tasking, hard working, caring, diplomatic and smart.

Yellow lines and Tulips for a friend or colleague



Yellow is the perfect color that reflects the warmth and fun of enjoying someone’s company, laughing at their jokes or sharing similar interests. Sending gorgeous bouquets out of these flowers are the sure-fire way to make them cheerful and are the promising symbol of remembrance.

Freaky Daisies to portray strong friendship

Daisies are the exact tokens of a longlasting friendship and innocence that expresses true sorts of emotions than words. They have a special and unique fragrance that makes the person feel fresh and energetic and never fails to be nostalgic and provoke the wonderful memories that they had with you.

Pleasant White lilies for any of your relatives

White is an epitope of peace and calmness. White Lilies can inspire women of any age who are close to you as relatives or friends. You can send these bouquets to any woman like your grandmother, sister, aunts or to even daughters who represent such character of being polite and gentle.

Pink carnations

Pink expresses gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. In addition, this symbolizes maternal love. It is so worthy to send these pretty flowers to someone whom you want to be thankful as they were on your side during your harder or tough times in your life.

The service of online flower delivery in Gurgaon is very timely and trustworthy that the flowers bloom your high spirits towards your loved ones. Book our flowers online or give us a ring where we make the womanhood in our society to be graceful and happy.


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