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Flowers today are the best non-verbal form of communication used for displaying human emotions. The tradition of giving flowers has been there since the time immemorable and has been an integral part of various traditions and cultures. In certain traditions, flowers are considered a powerful representation of gods and goddesses. Flowers are the purest form of innocence, beauty and commitment. There might not be enough words for every occasion but flowers surely make up for it. There is no one in the world who does not admire the beauty of flowers and are not awestruck by them. Flowers are an excellent gift for any occasion and can convey your emotions in a much simpler form. Every flower represents a particular emotion and has certain emotions associated with them. Sending flowers to the people you love is much easier these days because of online delivery services through which you can send flowers to Gurgaon. You too can convey your heartfelt emotions and feelings with the best flower delivery in Gurgaon.

Who does not like receiving gifts, probably none. However, sometimes more than receiving them, giving gifts can render more happiness to your life. It has been scientifically proven that acts of generosity and gifting your loved ones can trigger the release of happy hormones and what better gift could be there than flowers, cakes and chocolates that could make your special day more special and truly unforgettable. You can express your heartfelt emotion and true feelings with either of these gifts but flowers are something that is timeless and classic.

Some of the flowers and the emotions they represent along with the occasions they are suitable are


Rose has more than 120 varieties that are available in several colours and patterns. Rose is considered to be a timeless flower, whose charm does not fade away and are immensely loved by several people. The emotions and feelings attached with rose depend on its colour. While red rose defines love, longing and admiration for your better-half, yellow rose signifies joy, friendship and caring. Orange roses signify energy and passion, white roses stand for peace and black roses display darker emotion.


Daisy represents purity, loyal love, innocence and the new beginning. Daisies make for excellent housewarming gifts.


Carnations are the symbolic flowers of pride and beauty. Red carnations symbolize pride, love and beauty. Pink carnations are the symbol of admiration for your mother or any other woman in your life and white carnations signify peace, purity and innocence.


Chrysanthemum symbolizes fidelity, love and passion for the love of your life. A red chrysanthemum is the symbol of love, whereas white chrysanthemum represents truth and loyalty.


Hydrangea conveys your heartfelt emotions and can be used to express gratitude and thankfulness for your loved ones.


Lily represents purity and modesty. An orange lily represents passion and a yellow lily is the symbol for gaiety and lily of the valley stands for purity of the heart.


Iris is symbolic of eloquence and purple Iris flower represents wisdom and compliments. Yellow Iris is the representation of passion, whereas white Iris stands for purity.

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DewDrops started in the year 2002 with the vision of bridging the gap between people in love through flowers. Flowers can help establish and strengthen a bond between the couples or any of your loved ones without having to say much. At Dewdrops, you can look forward to purchasing and sending flowers with the online flower delivery in Gurgaon, flower bouquets, flower basket or any other sort of flower arrangements for different occasions.

Online flower delivery in Gurgaon

Our flower delivery system is strengthening day by day and is the delivery system which you can bank upon. We value each and every customer of ours and keep in mind their choices and tastes and curate all the decorations, bouquet accordingly. We have a wide range of flowers that are for every occasion whether it is Birthday, Aniversary, Marriage and reception. We believe there are flowers for every occasion. We keep the flowers in stock so that your demands are fulfilled and there is never a shortage of flowers at a given point of time.

Romantic gifts by Dew Drops for this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is the most celebrated day amongst today’s youth. It is the perfect time to express your unsaid feelings to the one you love or admire. Valentine’s day is a great reminder for people to take the time out from their lives and tell their respective partners how much they love and admire each other. You can also strengthen the love and bond between you and your partner by gifting them the exotic flower bouquets along with other valentine’s day gift. We at Dew Drops have an amazing team that has the exclusive flower arrangement as per your needs apart from the gift hampers and chocolate box. You can also gift your girlfriend’s teddy bears as per her liking from our vast collection. Cakes also form a major role in the valentine’s day celebration with your spouse. We have got you covered in this aspect as well with best online cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon. We have cakes in various flavours and designs that could add more sweetness to your relationship and help you embark a romantic journey of a lifetime.


Surprises for birthdays and anniversaries by Dew Drops

Everyone loves a good surprise and that surprise becomes even more special when it is your special day like a birthday or anniversary. We at Dew Drops work our best to surprise you at 12 am on your birthday or marriage anniversary with our anytime, anywhere flower delivery service in Gurgaon. So remember to spread the smile on your partner’s face with our fastest online flower delivery in Gurgaon.

Online cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon

We do not just provide flowers for every mood and occasion but are very well-known for delivering cakes and gifts to spread a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Cakes are available in different variants such as chocolate cakes, butterscotch cake, picture cake and theme cakes. You can customize the cakes or gifts with a combo or separately. Dew drops are the fastest growing shop for online cake and flower delivery in Gurgaon. We know how important it is to deliver the gifts on time at their doorsteps, therefore we function at a lightning fast speed where deliver your love in the form of flowers and gifts within a short span of 2 hours. We curate the flowers into exquisite flower arrangement or a simple bouquet conveying your true emotions. We also understand the surprise element you want to add to the gifts you want to give to you dear ones and we strive well to accomplish it for you with the best flower delivery in Gurgaon.

If you too are confused about what gifts and flowers to give to your family and friends for various occasions then Dewdrops is the best online portal for flower delivery in Gurgaon within the shortest time possible. Some of the items that we sell and deliver our roses, teddy bears, flower, bouquets, cakes and gifts curated for anniversary or Valentine’s   To know more about various flowers, cakes and gifts offer do visit our website and surprise your loved ones with most exotic flowers at your doorstep.