4 Ways to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

4 Ways to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is round the corner and it’s time for us to celebrate life of the most important person in our lives. Get ready to plan some surprises for your mom and make her feel appreciated on the 12th of May.

To start off, it would be very thoughtful of you to write her a note. You can express what she means to you, and how the past year has been under her care.

But, you shouldn’t stop there. You should really make a point to surprise your mom in an unexpected way this Mother’s day. So, here are four cool ideas for Mother’s day surprises that your mom can cherish forever.

Buy Her an Intuitive Gift

If you’ve surprised your mom on Mother’s day last year, then she is surely going to anticipate something this time as well. Like most of us, you can buy a gift for your mother. But, a gift won’t surprise her unless it’s something that she really wanted.

Think about what your mother has been wishing to have for the past year. It could be a book that she wanted to read, her desired home appliance, or perhaps a cook book with some interesting recipes. Put your intuitions into play and get her a better gift than last time.

For example –

  • personalized bracelets or jewelry items
  • cool electronic gadgets that ease her hardships
  • a massaging appliance to help her relax
  • new handbag

Don’t settle for just one gift. Bundle it with some common Mother’s day gifts such as a “Best Mom” coffee mug, a custom portrait (collage of your family photos with her in the center), and bouquets of flowers.

While choosing the flowers, don’t just blindly go for roses or lilies. Make sure you pick your mother’s favorite floral choice. Have her receive these gifts right in the morning, soon after she wakes up. Also, tag your handwritten “Thank You” note on this gift so she can feel appreciated right from the day’s beginning.

Keep Her Out of the Kitchen

Now, she may think that is all to your Mother’s day celebration. But, the streak of surprises shouldn’t end here. The next thing you do is give her a break from her daily chores, especially the kitchen.

Get your dad in on this and order food online. Do not allow your mom to cook anything on Mother’s day. Get her favorite foods delivered at home and enjoy those meals together as a family.

Like all mothers, if your mom is eager to step into the kitchen, you can distract this habit by planning something exciting.

Here’s how to keep mothers out of kitchen –

  • Take her to a spa
  • Make her go watch a movie or a play
  • Invite her gal-pals over
  • Let them go out for shopping

While you keep her busy with this, she won’t miss being in the kitchen. And, it gives you more time to plan for the next surprise.

Ornate Your Home with Florals

After making your mother indulge into some outdoor fun, get help from your friends, brothers and sisters to cover up your entire home with flowers.

Flowers are the best way to surprise your mom when she returns. Expecting that her home would be the same when she left a few hours ago, your mother would be taken aback with a blooming welcome. Cover your home with roses, daisies and carnations.

Think of cool flower arrangement ideas and make sure to ornate the places where she sits and spends time the most. You can also cover up your kitchen with flowers and fill up her wardrobe with scented petals and teddy bears.

Throw a Surprise Family Party

The last part of your Mother’s day surprise would be planning a family party. Invite your close relatives and family friends or just keep it private with your own family.

Set up your living room with red and white carnations, a large cake that says “Love You, Mom!” or some other interesting quote, and only one chair in the middle to help her sit and enjoy the surprise.

Ask your younger siblings to perform something for mom. Ensure that there is plenty of food and beverages to culminate this party into a nice, homely dinner.

That’s how you can surprise your mom on Mother’s Day, 2019.

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